Outdoor Illumination - Residential Lighting

At Outdoor Illumination, Inc. we encourage you to think of your garden as an evening outdoor room. We will enhance, set the tone and add drama to your garden. Our design team and custom installation technicians employ top-quality fixtures from the world’s best manufacturers that enhance safety, create a welcoming atmosphere and help you enjoy your patio, pool and garden long after the sun sets.

5 reasons to consider Outdoor Illumination

  1. Your garden and landscape will be transformed into an evening outdoor room.
  2. Our design team brings the experience of over 3,000 successful projects to your property.
  3. Our licensed technicians will carefully install the best fixtures for your project without disrupting your landscape.
  4. Our dedicated lighting maintenance technicians will service your system to ensure excellent performance.
  5. We are ‘landscapers of light’ who treat your garden with the utmost in respect and care. We create a scene you will cherish late into the evening.
Design and custom installation of outdoor lighting