We install only the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures

Over more than 15 years, Outdoor Illumination has custom-installed over 3,600 outdoor lighting applications.  In that time, we have installed and/or maintained over 100,000 luminaires from more than 50 different manufacturers.  Through those years, we have learned what works – and what does not. 

Outdoor conditions can be harsh: extreme changes in weather; salinity and humidity in the air; aggressive irrigation, fertilization and soil additives.  Some fixtures are better suited for specific environments than others. 

In our work, we choose leading brands whose parent companies are industry leaders and whose warranties carry weight beyond the individual contractor that sold them.  Nearly all the fixtures we specify are American made. 

In our experience, we have found that every brand has a range of quality, from top performers to items that do not meet standards. This is why, unlike any other lighting company, you will find a variety of leading brands on our product specifications for most projects.  You will benefit from our unmatched field experience with a system that stands up to time and the elements.

We make wide use of certain brands of light fixtures, and deploy others for certain specialty applications. Below are some examples of each:



Beachside Arroyo Craftsman
B-K Lighting Attraction Lights
FX Luminaire AuroraLight
Hadco Bega
Hanover Focus
IlluminFX Green LED Lighting Solutions
Kichler Hiroshi Kira
Kim Hunza
Lumiere Illumitex
PM Lighting Integral
Universal Night Orbs
Vista SPJ


Design and custom installation of outdoor lighting